Our Wines

All of our wines are made from 100% locally grown grapes and fruit. Samplings can be enjoyed at our Fountain City tasting room.


Marquette Reserve Red Wine Bottle

Hunters Blend is an award winning blend of estate grown northern hybrid grapes, including Frontenac, St. Croix and Sabrevois.  Hunters Blend is the signature red table wine of Seven Hawks Vineyards, and is distinguished by complex layers of dark berry, cherry and chocolate flavor notes.  Enjoy Hunters Blend with any meal, especially with dark meats or wild game, or rich pasta dishes.  Taste the wild side of the rugged upper Mississippi River Valley in the smooth rich flavors of Hunters Blend.

Marquette Reserve grapes were developed by the University of Minnesota, and features the classic Pinot Noir grape as a prime ancestor.  Marquette wines tend to be aromatic and fruity, with strong red berry and strawberry flavors, and a spicy finish with nutmeg and black pepper notes.  Marquette wines pair well with tomato based pasta dishes, pizza and almost any meat dish, a versatile wine which always delights.

Frontenac Reserve grapes were developed by the University of Minnesota and are known for their rich cherry and chocolate flavor notes, and have been compared to Syrah grapes for their smooth lingering flavors.  Our award winning Frontenac Reserve is made from only our best estate-grown Frontenac grapes each year, and pairs very well with dark meats, rich pasta dishes, pizza , or a classic burger.  Grown on steep bluffs overlooking the great upper Mississippi River Valley, Frontenac Reserve holds inside the essence of one of America’s great wild places for you to savor in every glass.

Frontier Red is an award winning blend of locally grown hybrid grapes, crafted to accent the fruit character of our grapes, making light, flavorful wines in a style reminiscent of homemade wines treasured by our grandparents.  This wine pairs very well with pizza, burgers, picnic or any happy occasion.

Ardella’s Rose is our table wine produced from 100% locally grown Frontenac and Frontenac Gris grapes.  Named after Ardella Nilles, who lived all her life on her families’ farms, five miles west of Seven Hawks Vineyards, making wild grape and berry foods and wines throughout her ninety years of robust life.  Serve chilled with pizza, pork, poultry, salads and Asian dishes.


La Crescent Reserve White Wine Bottle

Smiling Moon is our gold medal winning blended white wine made from estate grown Frontenac Gris, La Crescent and Brianna grapes.  Smiling Moon is a semi-dry white filled with citrus and melon fruit notes.  Smiling Moon is a great companion for all occasions; perfect with shrimp, crab, chicken, or ham, a distinctive wine before your meal, during your meal, or by itself with good friends.

Prairie Star grapes were developed by the legendary grape breeding pioneer Elmer Swenson, who labored on his Osceola, Wisconsin dairy farm cross-breeding grape species from around the world to create hybrid grapes which survive northern winters and make great wines. Prairie Star wines are full bodied, with brisk tropical fruit flavors, and a long, cinnamon spice finish, to be compared favorably with a Riesling of Sauvignon Blanc.  These wines pair very well with shellfish, baked or broiled fish, or poultry, and are study enough to compliment spicy Asian dishes perfectly.

La Crescent Reserve is a northern hybrid grape developed by the University of Minnesota.  It has been compared to the great Sauvignon Blanc grape, with a crisp, refreshing acidity and tantalizing apricot and peach flavor notes.  Seven Hawks Vineyards are planted on steep limestone bluffs overlooking the great upper Mississippi River Valley, and the vineyard’s rich soil composition comes through in alluring mineral flavor notes in this memorable estate grown wine.  La Crescent Reserve pairs perfectly with fish or white meat dishes, and also well-spiced Asian dishes.  It is easily distinctive enough to enjoy on its own with its unforgettable bouquet and generous flavors.

Ridgetop Apple is made from 100% local apples.  Ridgetop Apple is an award winning flavorful wine similar to some Riesling wines from Germany, with astonishing flavors and always totally refreshing. Ridgetop Apple is a perfect companion to any pork cuisine from a ham sandwich to the finest Tenderloin, and is surprisingly well matched to grilled brats or other sausages.  Perfect on a picnic, or with a slow lunch with friends.  Always distinctive-Ridgetop Apple.


*ice wine

Fountain City Ruby is a rich, port-style red dessert wine, made primarily from Frontenac grapes, with layers of cherry and chocolate flavor notes, and a sweet nutty finish. A perfect wine for ending a meal or starting a great conversation, to celebrate lunch or bedtime, enjoy our rich Fountain City Ruby.

Fountain City Gold is our award winning white port-style dessert wine, made primarily from Frontenac Gris grapes, grown on steep bluffs overlooking the great upper Mississippi River Valley. A rich sweet wine, Fountain City Gold is perfect at the end of a meal, or at the beginning of any personal adventure; to celebrate life’s special moments, or at bedtime. Enjoy the riches of Fountain City Gold.

Sleeping River White Ice Wine: is made with winter harvest Frontenac Gris grapes.  It is filled with intense fruit flavors with a soft honey finish.

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